Exciting things are happening in the Salem UMC Music Dept!

Do you enjoy Music?  We have a variety of opportunities available for you to use your musical gift to Worship God!

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    Sanctuary Choir

  • Sanctuary Choir
    Curt Hamlett - Sanctuary Choir Director

    Salem UMC is blessed with a large pool of extremely dedicated Singers led by or Choir Director, Curt Hamlett

    They are well known for their efforts to inspire both inside and outside this church. Their presentations include traditional and contemporary music, Bell Choir, original scores, solos, and musical drama. You are invited to participate. It's not about your talent, it's about your Worship.

    During the 11:00 AM Second Service, the Sanctuary Choir provides musical leadership to complement the organ and congregational singing. They provide thoughtful, well prepared anthems, and special music. Rehearsals are on Sundays at 6:00 PM in the Choir room and no auditions are required to participate.

    Joyful Noise Praise Team

  • Joyful Noise Praise Team 
    Laura Cross - Praise Team Director

    Believing that anyone can make a "Joyful Noise", the Praise Team was born in early 2005.  The Praise Team was to fill a need for a special musical experience for the 8:45 AM First Service, a Worship Service with a less formal and more contemporary feel. They have evolved into a multi-capability musical outreach unit. Consisting of an instrumental band and vocal choir, it supports the musical requirements of the first service, special drama events, and off site presentations. The band alone performs both religious and secular music, creates original music, drama, and other various arrangements.

    They are lead by Laura Cross and consist of a Vocal Choir of men and women.  The Praise Band features an Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano/Synthesizer, and Drums.  The members of the Praise Band are accomplished musicians and have performed professionally for many venues.
    Praise Band

  • Praise Band 
    Laura Cross - Praise Team Director

    The Praise Band has existed as a separate entity for many years. The members are Professional Musicians and have performed in many different venues including both religious and secular music, along with creating and performing their own original musical compositions.

    They are lead by Laura Cross and consist of a Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano/Synthesizer, 
    Drums, and occasionally a Trombone and Flute. The Praise Team is indeed fortunate to have these talented individuals as members of the Praise Team.

    Wednesday Morning Bell Choir

    Wednesday Morning Bell Choir 
    Leader: Carolyn Hoggard

    Established in March 2005, this group adds a special flavor to the Traditional Worship Service. The nine ringers rehearse at 10:00 am on Wednesdays in the Seekers classroom. Each player handles approximately two bells. The group assists in the Advent "Hanging of the Greens" and plays an entire service mid year.

    Children's Bell Choir
  • Children's Bell Choir
    Leader: Carolyn Hoggard

    Third through Seventh Grade students are taught worship through Bell Music.  They meet on Sunday evening at 5:00 PM.

    Please contact Carolyn Hoggard at 501-778-5158 if you are interested in your child joining the group.