CJCOHN is an organization of volunteers from the churches in Saline County.  The food, clothing, and other assistance is made possible through donations by people in the community.  If at some time you find yourself in a position to help others, please remember the Christian spirit at work at CJCOHN.  If you would like to donate, we accept: food, clothing, and monetary donations.

History of CJCOHN

CJCOHN consists of about 150 volunteers representing about 15 churches.  The group was formed through the Saline County Ministerial Alliance in 1976.  Ministers felt the need to coordinate and respond to needs in this area in a responsible way.  Agencies, Schools, Professional people, and others were limited in what they could do either through government regulation, long waiting periods, or in an emergency situation, such as a burned home or transients, and the other churches were being called upon to handle these problems.  Some of the problems were bigger than one or two churches could handle so the ministers decided to pool their resources, join together, and handle the referrals together.

Referrals come from Social Services, The Counseling Clinic, Public Health, Saline Memorial Hospital, Red Cross, CADC, Sr. Adult Center, Day Cares, Police and Fire Departments, Public Schools, The Governor’s Office, Benton Service Center, Little Rock Hospitals, etc… Requests range from food, clothing, toilet articles, utility assistance, medical assistance with prescriptions, to a more long-range type of case that involves personal support and friendship for a family through a crisis situation.

Our aim is to enable hurting people to help themselves with assistance during a time of emergency or crisis in their family or by referring them to the agency that can provide the service they need.  This means that we must keep up with the agencies and their programs.

Our funding comes through private donations from local churches.  Guidelines for donations are offered to the churches but are not mandatory for participation.  Other funds come through the United Way, people taking part in our annual hunger hike, our Christmas cards, etc… designating their efforts to go0 to us.  All staff persons are volunteers and all workers are volunteers.  Food, clothing, and monetary donations are donated by persons in the community.

As with keeping of the word of the Lord: The King will reply, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did also for me.
                                                                                                -Matthew 25:40