Pastor Carlton's Thoughts

Pastor Carlton's Thoughts 

A Personal Testimony………………………….

At a very young age I knew God wanted me to share His word! At the age of 18 I said yes to God’s calling to ministry. I prayed so hard that God would help me! What do I say to a hurting culture to convince them that God is the way?

Twenty five years have passed and I still pray so hard that God will give me the words! I thank God each day I wake up that my parents raised me to understand that God is the way. Looking into my children’s eyes I say, "Lord, they are yours and help me raise them to understand the message that my parents gave me." May we all pray that prayer and regardless the age of our children, we will be devoted to help lead them into the arms of Christ? I have seen so many families changed and renewed through the power of God and His church.

I ponder and ask that you join me on how to reach a world that is walking away from the faith! The answer from God remains the same, “remain faithful to me and your calling!” Yes, I will continue to preach and teach in creative ways but I pray with all my heart that the Almighty God will bless our church, community, state and nation through our Godly encouragement! Words do not explain my love and passion for God and His people and deeply desire that my Salem church family join me in trying to evangelize our families, friends and society.

At the age of six months old a rare kidney disease caused me to die. Through the hand of God the medical staff was able to bring me back. When I became old enough to understand, my parents shared that story of a second chance and I have given my life to help others have a second chance on a spiritual level.

Psalm 150:6………….Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!!!!!!